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Link Sanitation

Sometimes when working on a client’s site, you might be tasked with trying to capture all out bound links as what we call “external links” and display a confirm message to the user before letting them leave the site. Sounds simple enough right? Well, in a perfect world yes it should be, but more times than not you will be dealing with a whole host of ways page links have been authored....

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Let’s Talk JS Markup Templates

So today I wanted to spotlight a neat JS library I found while doing some client work called Markup JS by Adam Mark: What is Markup JS? Well to answer that question, it might be better to bring in a real world need first. Lets say we are building a web application, or even a really simple web service between frontend and backend using XHR (ajax) only. The first thing...

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Understanding The Form Fundamentals

I'm starting to better identify a lot of basic form fundamentals being overlooked these days, so I felt this topic was long over due. Today we will break down six seeming basic ideas that all forms in one way or another need to embody to be considered any kind of a success.

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