Collapse a Model’s Materials to a Single Texture

Here I will show you how to take further steps in lowering draw calls in Unity3d Game engine by collapsing multiple materials your models may contain into a single material. We will use 3d Studio Max’s UVW tools and render to texture tools to produce and collapse to our models single material.

Devin R. Olsen

Devin R. Olsen

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7 Responses to “Collapse a Model’s Materials to a Single Texture”

  1. Devin R. Olsen Zgueb says:

    the back side is black
    how to do it to get only diffuse material

  2. Devin R. Olsen Pat Auge says:

    Hi Devin,

    Are you able to be contacted via a online chat service such as MSN Live Messenger or Skype if so I have a long winded question regarding this process and would probably be easier to deal with via one these online chats. Please email me at let me know if you could help me!!

    Thanks In Advance


  3. Very nice! thank you!!!

  4. Very nice tutorial!!! It helped me a lot!!!


  5. Devin R. Olsen Francisco says:

    Oh yeah!!!!

    man this is great!!!!!
    i’m really like it!!!!
    i’m having so many trouble with this when im trying render to texture my buildings, now wiht this Tutorial i see if the problem persist!!!

    P.s.: maybe i have problems because i trying bake a texture of my building because he is in real scale (meter 1:1)?!?!?!??!?!

    sorry my english…i’m learning…i am brazilian!!!

    thanks man…..wooohooooo!!!!

  6. I always enjoy feedback from my readers!

    • Devin R. Olsen Lester Lim says:

      Could we also collapse multiple normal maps into a single normal map? Or does this only work with color maps?

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