Combat Extreme – Facebook 3D Shooter

Hi readers! I thought I would take a different pace today, and instead of teaching lets play some games shall we? For over a year now I and my little brother have been working tirelessly on our first “Third-person shooter” video game.


So what makes this game so different you ask? Well the game is completely browser-based. That’s right, a full 3D environment third person shooting game that is playable through your web browser!

It’s a simple game of Marines vs. Insurgents based in a mideast town (for the BETA at least, we have three total levels for full release of the video game).

We used the Unity3d game engine to develop this game, and although our game is still in a official “BETA” title, I felt it was finally time to share this awesome work with the rest of my readers and the world.

In order to play Combat Extreme (the 3d third-person shooter) on Facebook through your web browser, you must have the unity3d web player installed. The web player is designed specifically to render geometry and post process effects directly through ones browsers (Yes even IE).

Combat Extreme (the 3d third-person shooter) is indeed exclusive to right now and may or may not be opened to further social gaming markets. We really wanted to create a seamless experience for our UX, and insisting the user create a new account with an email address conformation + allow the app on their page was asking way too much. Thus, we eliminated the biggest step and allow our users to login to Combat Extreme (the 3d third-person shooter game) through their facebook account.


Devin R. Olsen

Devin R. Olsen

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