Phoenix Frontend Framework

Today we are going to review a simply delightful yet powerful front end framework for serious site and application development. Why a framework you might ask? If you are serious about building large scale anything, then organization and speed is key to the success. Using a framework will not only solve lots of organization question you might face with each large scale project, but also speed up the development process and end rendering results.

So, without further adu let me introduce the ConnectiveDX Phoenix framework:

“Phoenix represents what we use at Connective DX for the basis of new projects. With a library of patterns ready at our fingertips, a powerful and flexible grid system, and a clean, modular organization, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. And you’ll have more time to invent the next wheel.”

This little framework packs a serious punch for front end developers and is easy to use and setup, so lets begin. First, you must have NodeJS installed on your local machine in order to use this framework. If you don’t already have NodeJS installed, please head over to

Here are some tutorials I created for this once we released it open source:

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