Here are a few samples of some of the web sites I have developed or helped work on. Some of these sites have been updated and or may not pertain to my development any longer but here they are as they stood when I developed them. I like to spend most my efforts focused on not only great design but functionality, cross-browser and faster loading times.

Web Development Work

Developed while working with ISITE DesignDeveloped while working with ISITE DesignDeveloped while working with ISITE DesignDeveloped while working with ISITE DesignDeveloped by me while working at ISITE Design for NikeDeveloped by me while working at ISITE Design for Nike.Developed by me while working at ISITE Design for Nike.Team Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignTeam Effort while working at ISITE DesignemabNewHomePagehiDefHomepagedirectUnderwareHomePageapolloenginesfishHomePageDesign Band - Entirely Ran off WordPress for CMS Purposes.Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort - External Magento Site ExampleEarth Mama Angel Baby - Home Page Design (Magento Platform)Earth Mama Angel Baby - Category Page Design (Magento Platform)Earth Mama Angel Baby - Product Page Design (Magento Platform)Reedy Music Site Template. Local musician here in portland oregon.Uptown Billiards Site Template. Local billiards here in portland oregon.Custom Design Software (REIS 1.0). Real estate software site, customers could purchase and see different features about the software.ReachingALLYouth.org This was a project of all student loans to help educate high school students and parents on what to expect when getting ready for college.ALLStudentLoan.org Working with a team of aspx masters we produced the current all student loan web site who is based out of L. A.Temp-a-cure your local heating and repair. Database driven web site that utilizes php and mysqlAcademic Decathlon Of California. Working with Ken Scarrbery in optimizing and updating the Academic Decathlon of California's web site.Harvest Christian Church. Donated my time to help with a local churches web site.Soar To Freedom site template. This site was completely stretchy meaning font size would not break the content boxes and was also utilizing full css content display modes.traversHomejourneysHomeLocal Mr.Transmission located in Gresham Oregon.

Print Work

I have had a lot of great opportunity to work with great teams and individuals. Here is some of the print work that I got to work with and/or develop while I was involved with a marketing team for the student load industry. Most of these were direct mailers while some were made into e-mails that we would send out to our opt-in lists a few times each month.


3D Design

I have been working with not only 2d design for the past 9 years but also a lot of 3d design and game engines. I always found it very intriguing to try and push the limits of using objects, materials and light to recreate life in as much of a photo-realistic approach as possible. I also found that a great way to push my 3d design abilities was to put my skills into game design. Game design takes all the same principals of 3d but makes you really think outside of the box in almost every aspect of the design. Game design seems to be a tug of war of quality verses performance and out of the delicate mix of both comes true art.

Realtime 3d lighting & day/night system (testings)

Combat Extreme: 3D Browser Game My Brother and I Built

Floating Ruins (Level design for a mobile game)

Canyon Floors (Level Design for mobile game)

Lava Run (Level Design for mobile game)

Grave Yards (Level Design for a mobile game)

Forest Dash (Level Design for a mobile game)

Level I developed for Call Of Duty PC

In the july 2005 issue of wired magazine two of my characters I developed for the gaming community of unreal engine 2 was featured under an article title spacerenderchesspeicespoolballsDeathRowCyborgDeathRowCyborg2littleCollectionSmall1fruitCharacterDesignlvldesignmodelcomp


In my chances to work with great teams and developers, I have had the chance to help develop some well known, and not so well-known software packages. Here are some the software packages and/or icons I helped develop.

While working with Custom Design Software and National Grant Conferences I was handed the opportunity to design slip covers and software interface/icons for real estate and business organization software .


Skills and Software


  • XML
  • JavaScript (ES6/React/AngularJS)
  • CSS (1-3)
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • C++/Arduino

Time management

  • Bigtime

Version Control

  • Git
  • SVN

Project Management

  • Jira
  • Basecamp

CMS Platforms

  • AEM
  • Sitecore
  • Ektron
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento E-Commerce

Adobe Software

  • Photoshop 6-Current
  • Illustrator CS2-Current
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flex
  • Flash ActionScript 2-3
  • Indesign
  • Acrobat (all)

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

3D Graphics

  • 3D Studio Max
  • Maya
  • DAZ3D
  • Unity3D Engine
  • Quake Engine
  • Unreal Engine


  • Audacity
  • Frooty loops
  • Acid Pro


2004 – 2007 Custom Design Software / Advanced Development Group of Washington Gresham, OR

  • Created and distributed both user interface and media cases for Donald Trump’s Real Estate and Business operating software packages.
  • Developed and maintained product based web sites.
  • Maintained technical support line and helped individuals all over the country that had purchased our software packages.
  • Maintained client database for customer support and purchase records.

2007 – 2008 ALL Student Loan Vancouver, WA

  • Designed two direct mailer and email advertisements for consolidation products as well as loan origination each month.
  • Maintained all email advertisements with company lawyers to comply with CAN-SPAM laws, and score company emails against a spam score system before being deployed to customers.
  • Developed and released the company’s corporate web sites new look and feel and launched a consolidation micro site.
  • Developed the PR teams Reaching ALL Youth web site to inform student who graduate high school about how to prepare for college.
  • Worked with California colleges directly on creating/maintaining landing pages for each schools financial aid office to pass information onto students interested in student loans.
  • Helped with company’s partners such as Academic Decathlon of California on updating their web site and developing a content management system.
  • Coordinated and designed advertisements through “Lamar Advertising” and “Tri-Met” bus/max lines that ran for a consecutive 6 months.
  • Published advertisements in the nationwide “Young Money Magazine” and premiered at the Berkeley California CALTOPIA college event with “Young Money Magazine”.

2008 – 2010 EMAB – Clackamas, OR

  • Building and maintaining Retail and Wholesale online Magento shopping carts / WordPress Blogs.
  • Preparing and launching weekly specials and quarterly to yearly shopping cart discounts and coupons
  • integrating a seamless order processing solution straight from placed web orders, to shipping and finally to quick-books and accounting.
  • Producing affiliate solutions and creative.
  • Producing and maintaining monthly newsletters and subscribers.
  • Producing and sending weekly product specials to subscribers
  • Monitoring and maintaining product and CMS page SEO / Google analytics

2010 – Current ConnectiveDX (formally known as ISITE DESIGN) – Portland, OR

  • Senior Frontend Developement.
  • Build / prescribing FED solutions for both sites and web applications.
  • General site / CMS maintenance and solution for new or existing clients.
  • Work closely with design, content and backend team members to deliver successful experiences.
  • Work closely with internal marketing team to craft new and exciting sales projects.
  • Professional development in learning new techniques, platforms, and syntax to share internally with teams.